Saturday, August 7, 2010

SALE!!! Allsaints

Newest kid on the block, Allsaints of Spitalfields, which opened its doors to Boston's Newbury street masses not two months ago is already having its end-of-season SALE! I took a mosey on through the store when it first opened and was quite frankly shocked at the prices they were asking for some, if not many of the chicly distressed a-symmetrical garments they carry. The quality seems good, tight seems, good textures, well curated graphics by season, and the line seems to be a younger, slightly more publicly palatable Rick Owen's-esque luxury basic, which is a hard thing to do in a recession when the spend-thrift masses tend to tread more conservative waters...

Needless to say, there are quite a few leather jackets, some A-symmetrical zip hoodies, and a proliferation of neo-1890's-esque-hipster-hiking-boots I've had my eye on...which is why I practically jumped for joy the moment I saw their sale signs out in the window. While I still may not even be able to afford their wares at the deeply discounted 70% off in my currently unpaid status as intern, it just goes to show there's still hope for me next season. So if you've the luxury of a job that pays you legal tender, then I'd soundly suggest a trip to your nearest Allsaints of Spitalfields...

Boston Location:

122 Newbury Street between Dartmouth and Clarendon...or just have a look at the fine map I drew especially for this occasion!!!

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