Monday, August 23, 2010

Blown Away...

Its come to my attention, that many of you "hip, with-it" bloggers use Polyvore to create your own evocative looks which pull elements from the things one writes about. Well, I've finally given into this trend, after all who doesn't enjoy the ability to essentially have an all access granted artistic pass to "buy" whatever you want!!!

In honour of my last post, and given the unchanged weather conditions here in Boston (dismal and grey, hovering mist clouds, and hurricane winds) I've decided to create this little assemblage of all the things one could need for their very own rainy day "walk with themselves"...after all you cant ponder the vast mysteries of life if you've water in your shoes, best come prepared...and here's what I'd plan on...

...I hope this gives you lots of good ideas on what to plan on wearing for your own rainy-day excursions!!!

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