Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Children are Bored on Sundays...

advertisement campaign for Oliver Peoples 2010 Campaign

...starring Shirley Mason, and Elijah Wood..."in a Role that will inspire" by Zee Avi

I had COMPLETELY forgotten all about this little cinematic gem until I was scouring my room top to bottom looking for my sunglasses while telling myself..."les enfants s'ennuient le dimanche"...which is odd since I've never had a day of French lessons in my head, but then again, given the sheer number of French foreign films I watch I'm often finding myself saying words and phrases I just don't comprehend. The phrase isn't French garble my brain pieced together from various French films, No, its the title of a cinematic advertisement from Oliver Peoples and stars Shirley Mason (lead singer of Garbage), and Elijah Wood (of Hollywood fame...). Literally translated, it means "The Children are Bored on Sundays", and as today is Sunday, I thought...Blog that Shit. As far as film advertisement go, of which there have been a proliferation amongst the fashion crowd recently, this one is actually descent, and very evocative. The film has a very...1920's wealthy Hollywood eccentric vibe and does some really unique ways of showing off their product (optics if you aren't familiar with Oliver Peoples). I think its marvelous, I'm loving every high-gloss minute of it, and so should you! Enjoy!

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